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Papan Tulis LCD Draw Writing Pad Tablet 20 inch 05017420

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LS LCD WRITING TABLET 20" 0 05017420

Howeasy Board product adopts a breakthrough technology – Bistable Flexible LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Technology.

When pressure is put on the surface of the LCD screen, the LCD molecules will change from normal state to another, which can reflex ambient light.

Therefore, you can display words, patterns and graphics by writing on the LCD screen.

1. 20 inch drawing board: high-tech magical lighting blackboard,100,000 times the level of earse, just write with the stylus pen or your fingers.

2. Pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface is easy to clean and maintain environmental protection without radiation, you can create lines with different thicknesses based on how hard you push, just like using a pen and paper.

3. Multi-Purpose: Electronic writing tablet, can be used as mini blackboard, draft paper etc., raise your child's learning interest.

4. Anti-drop: The product designed with ABS to reinforce the border, aluminum alloy backplane design. Meticulous material, solid edge, not afraid of falling, you can use long time.

5. Writing board can be used to clear more than 100,000 times, save paper, protect the environment. Do not cause any harm to the human body. Green material, safe and healthy.

Product Name 20 inch Howeasy Board LCD Electronic Drawing Board

Product Size 446*347*15 mm

Product Color black;

Font Color dark green;

Battery AAA dry battery x3;

Shell Materials ABS;

Screen Materials Flexible LCD screen, scratch-resistant & anti-dazzling film;

Weight 1093 g

Life-cycle over 100,000 times re-write;

Working Temperature 0℃~40℃;

Storage Temperature -10℃~50℃;


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