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Panasonic Cordless KX-TGF374S DECT 4-Handset Landline Telephone

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  • Easily pair up to two smartphones to make and receive cell calls with Link2Cell Bluetooth system
  • Get talking ID alerts from Link2Cell handsets when texts are received
  • Block up to 250 numbers with one-touch Call Block on base unit and handsets
  • Includes 3,000 number phonebook, baby monitor and battery power backup
  • See and hear email, social media and other cellphone alerts via Android App
  • Panasonic KX-TGF374S Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone and Answering Machine with 4 Handsets

KX-TGF374S Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System with 4 Handsets

The intelligent KX-TGF374S with Class 1 Bluetooth adds power and range to a home and home office system. Link2Cell syncs up to two smartphones to easily make and take cell calls from handsets. Other smart features include a dedicated Call Block button to one-touch block up to 250 numbers, one-touch cellphone pairing, a big 2.5 inch LCD, battery power backup, 18 minutes of voicemail, talking caller ID, baby monitor, 3,000 number phonebook transfer and noise reduction.

Sync Two Smartphones, Never Miss a Call

With a simple push of a button on the base unit, you can instantly link up to two smartphones to make and take cell calls that are automatically routed through up to six system handsets. And with the extended power and signal range of advanced Class 1 Bluetooth, (350 feet range) calls can made and received from both cellphone lines simultaneously, anywhere in and around the house.

Talking Caller and Text ID Alerts

Now you can hear who's calling or texting from across the room without having to get out of your chair or stop what you're doing in the next room. With advanced text-to-speech technology, Talking Caller and Text ID alerts clearly announce caller and text-sender ID information on the base unit and Link2Cell handsets throughout the home or office.

One-Touch Call Block

With a dedicated Call Block button on each handset, it's easier than ever to block telemarketers, robocallers and others — even while the phone is ringing or while talking. A simple push of a button instantly registers the unwanted number into the phone's 250-number call block database, and you can manually register any number, any time you want.

Clearly Hear Calls From Noisy Places

Whether someone's calling from a busy city street or from inside a raucous room, Noise Reduction automatically suppresses background interference while also enhancing voice tones for clearer, more comfortable conversation

Keep Tabs Your the Baby Day or Night

With the built-in baby monitor, you'll always know your child is safe in their crib or room. When the child wakes up or starts crying, a monitoring handset in the baby's room sends an immediate alert to the system's base unit, and to any phone or cellphone number you store in the handset for optimal peace of mind in or out of the house.

Keep Talking When the Power Goes Out

A powerful battery backup system keeps you connected when the power goes out. When you keep a charged handset in the base unit, you'll have up to 7 hours of talk from battery power backup for making and receiving calls using other cordless handsets in the house. (Two AA-size rechargeable Ni-MH batteries not included.)

Find Lost Keys

With a small, optional detector device* on your household or car keychain, this Key Detector-ready phone system lets you quickly locate misplaced keys with the touch a button on any of the system's cordless handsets.

*Sold separately.

Keep on Top of Email and Social Media

With a downloadable Android App (free download on Google Play) you'll stay on top of important email, social media updates and more. When you cell receives an email, SMS or update from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, alerts are simultaneously displayed on the LCD screens of both base unit and handsets, and announced audibly. Notifications from Google Calendar and low cellphone battery warnings are also displayed and announced. A convenient App Alert button on the base unit lets you disable visual and voice notifications.

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